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Repair, Restore or Replace?

While your roof is supposed to last decades, weather, a poor install job or architectural changes mean that you might need a new roofing system. As a property owner, it’s important to have an understanding of what can be repaired, what needs restored and what needs to be completely replaced.


If you have a small leak or hole in your roof, you may not need a new roof. In some cases, you can repair a small portion of your roof that saves time and money. If you perform regular maintenance and have ensured proper repairs, this can extend the life of your roof. If your insulation and roof membrane (the water proof layer of your roof) are in good shape, then chances are you’ll only need a minor repair.

Signs of your roof needing a repair include: Leaking water, open seams, blisters or punctures.


If your roof needs more than just a repair, but your insulation is in good shape, you may only need a restoration. A restoration basically re-coats the top layer of your roof. If you have an SPF (spray polyurethane foam) roofing system, the process is simple and can extend the life of your initial warranty.

Single-ply, metal and concrete roofs can also be restored using a silicone restoration membrane (SRM). Your roofing company or contractor can apply the new membrane directly to the current roof to create a low-maintenance system with long-lasting performance. Restorations cost less than replacements and can be less disruptive, and it saves wastes because less materials are needed.

Signs that your roof needs a restoration include: Uneven or unlevel roof surface and ponding water and cracks. You may also need a restoration if your roof is more than 20 years old.


If damage to your roof is too extensive, it will need to be replaced. In general, if more than 25% or more of your roof is damaged, it’s best to replace the whole system. When you replace a roof, it means the entire system will be removed or overlaid.

If you aren’t sure about which option is best for you, please contact the experts at Roofing Pros Near Me. Our team of experts can make the right recommendation for you.