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BP Roofing specializes in commercial and residential roofing, and serves Southwest Florida. The company offers a variety of roofing services, including tile, metal, shingle and modified roofing as well as reroofs and repairs.

  • kiti von bonbon
    Having very similar issuse as other low star review. It is 7:30 and dark, the workers are still banging and playing music on the roof, was told 3 days to strip, this is fourth day. Not sure how much more the dogs and I can handle. I tried calling and was sent to voicemail where it recited the number back, not a professional message... 7:35pm now, still banging.
  • Berden Boyz
    This company did a nice job on our roof. However, they left a mess everywhere. We had to ask them to stop throwing roofing materials on our plants as they had already broken quite a few of them. Then we had to ask them to please be more careful with all the nails and do a better job picking them up because we have kids and dogs. (We were finding them all over after their first visit.) Then when they left after installing all the new shingles, they left their shingle cuttings everywhere. Filled up trash bags that now weigh a ton because they are full of roof shingles, and also took our personal trash cans and filled them up! There are 4 bags and two cans total they left without us knowing. They left their empty cans of the "tar like" stuff sitting around too. The garbage men wont take any of it! A professional company knows how to properly dispose of their trash. This was NOT done in this case.

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